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03 January 2013


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I have had many, many days like that. :) My 8yo has some definite attention issues and until I figured out some coping skills, she would spend 40 minutes doing 6 (easy!) math problems. Simultaneously, she would consistently say she loved math, and was obviously perfectly happy to spend all that time on the problems. Made me crazy, crazy, crazy.

We all survived. She still loves math.

Amy F

Oh my goodness, I am so there with you. My 8.75 year old is mostly doing things when I ask him to, although every word coming out of his mouth is a whine.

But the 6.75 year old. Hoooowwww loooooonnnngggg caaaaannnnn thhiiiisssss posssssibbblly taaakkke, child? Because you doubled it and then some.

I should send myself a message using that future-email program next January. First week back: 3 days max, half of usual school work. I went for 3 days at about 80% and that was aiming way too high.

I do have memories of returning to school in January over the past 4 years, and it really wasn't much better. The kids were monsters every minute at home and we'd get emails at the end of the week saying that the other kids were adjusting to being back at school, but our kids were still having trouble and by the way, here's the pile of homework they need to do because they stared out the window all day. So really, it's pretty painful no matter what.

We'll take a 2 week spring break and I'm debating now how much schooling to continue. Possibly just math facts online a few times a week. But I think we need to do something to ease the shutdown/reboot process. And then there's the summer to figure out. That might involve math facts and, for the 9 year old, learning to type.


We aren't starting until Monday, but I can pretty easily dredge up the feeling of wanting to escape from the obstreperous ones for a while and do my own thing. I hope they'll be ready to start next week, but experience tells me that everyone will be mildly crabby at having to sit and work, and that we'll have to ease back into the attention spans.


I feel your pain. I didn't know I could say, "Have you finished your penmanship?" so many times in a 10-minute period and actually NEED TO! It got pretty ridiculous. And then I have the almost-seven-year-old writing "opshonol" (optional) next to things on her list that most certainly are NOT opshonol. But the 4-year-old wanted to start math, and had a great time. Take the small victories, I guess. And use chocolate.


well, in all honesty, we started up yesterday and I am fairly certain I was the crankiest one of all. Maybe I didn't have enough chocolate.


Not entirely relevant, but funny nonetheless, have you seen this?


We had a moment like this tonight at the dinner table... okay, not exactly, but I have had moments exactly like this in the past. For some reason this post just reminded me of that. Cause yeah, we've had the this should have taken you 20 minutes but instead took two hours math lessons too.

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