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06 September 2013


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Our diocesean Mass with the Archbishop for Homeschoolers was already scheduled for this Saturday. They have no invited everyone to join homeschoolers for the mass (front seats reserved for homeschoolers) and will be saying a rosary for peace afterwards. We are planning on going to that. My oldest and I will also go to confession that afternoon. I don't think we are fasting from food though… I'm trying very, very hard to get myself oriented properly towards food and not eating really won't help me right now.


Katherine, I totally support not doing non-obligatory food fasts if Food Issues are a thing.

Sometimes fasting can help that, but for a lot of us it messes with our mind, and I think a lot of us would need expert help (spiritual director and/or mental health counseling) to embark on anything more than the obligatory fasts.


I attended a previously scheduled ladies' tea at church, for which the food had already been bought and prepared, but we opened the event with a prayer specifically for Syria. And since we had to attend Mass on Saturday evening anyway, we could pray for that intention. It wasn't mentioned from the pulpit, but I can hardly blame our rather over-worked pastors for that. I felt like it was a day for taking individual or family responsibility for prayer, rather than having the parish package it up for us.

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