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06 May 2017


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Melanie B

So I took four years of Latin in high school. My senior year was AP Latin, which meant the subject was determined by the test. At that time the AP test alternated between, I think either Caesar or Cicero and The Aeneid. I was in the year that did Aeneid. Because of a weird schedule conflict I couldn't actually fit Latin 4 into my schedule, so the workaround we did was to stick me in independent study. I either sat in the back of the classroom during a Latin 2 class, or I went to the library to work on my translation. I pretty much spent the year doing a line by line translation of the first few books of the Aeneid on my own, with a little supervision from the teacher. It was a little less than optimal, but I learned a lot about translating just by grappling with the text on my own.

In preparation our teacher assigned all the 4th year Latin students to read the Iliad, Odyssey, and Aeneid in English translation the summer before

I also seem to remember that teacher assigning me an independent research paper on feral children and language acquisition. I guess it was a sort of intro to linguistic theory, looking at what happens to language acquisition when the human brain is not introduced to language in the first six years. I can't remember if that was my junior or senior year, though, or if anyone else had to do research papers. It was just sort of this weird thing she had me do.

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