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29 October 2017


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Thanks for pulling these all together in one place.


Your story about the jeans denoting fatness reminds me of something I was always told growing up.

For whatever reason I was always told growing up that having skin tags (ugh. I know. I hate them.) meant you were fat. Only fat people had skin tags. Therefore when I went through puberty and grew some horrible skin tags of my own, this was evident proof I was fat. At 105 pounds. Years later I learned my sister had the very same body image problem.

Only fat people have skin tags. I have skin tags. I must be fat. QED


Anyway, this is a timely series for me since I lost 20 pounds within 2 weeks of giving birth and haven't lost an ounce since. I still have 15-20 pounds that doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave. It took seven solid monthe last time, but it is still hard not to feel a little panicky.


Resist the postpartum panic, Jenny. I think it's slower as you age.

Re: skin tags: That is NUTS.

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