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14 May 2018


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As I read and scrolled down this post, I came to the first picture of the books and immediately clicked to enlarge it. I couldn't quite make it out and thought, "I should ask for some close-ups." I clicked back and continued on. Then...Behold, close ups!


What a fabulous idea, the photos I mean :-) ... I should pull all of our Latin books out to document them (and the Greek and the Hebrew) ... I had had high school Latin (we used Wheelock) and many many years of French, but those years were well behind me when I began to teach my youngest two Latin (when they were 8 and 10). They went from Prima Latina (from Memoria Press) on through Ceasar and Virgil. It's been such a fabulous journey, teaching them. (They're 16 and 18 now)

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