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30 July 2005


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Boy, I can relate. Nearly everyone in my family is a teacher, including those who married into the family. They all hate teaching and go on and on about how no one learns anything at school anymore. But for some reason, they still don't see the sense in homeschooling. My mom has told me on several occasions that homeschooling is just for the chronically ill and those in cults.

My dd just turned four, so we haven't had "the conversation" yet.

Christine (Rambling GOP Soccer Mom)

I'm so sorry that you are dreading telling people. But let not your heart be troubled! Homeschooling is so much more "acceptable" than it used to be. My family is all gung-ho on it, but my husband's family (or some of them) seem to think that it's only a good idea for those who are "qualified" to teach. (Lots of public school types in his family.) I patiently explain to each one who makes comments like that that, while I do have a teaching degree, one does not need a four-year degree to read a teacher's edition textbook. Nor does one need a degree to teach elementary-level work, and pretty soon, the child learns how to learn independently and can work through, with minimal help, anything in high school.

Of course, I also mention that I've known teachers with Master's Degrees who are about as intelligent as a post. And, invariable, the person to whom I am speaking must agree that they've known a few like that, too.

Take heart! When your kids ace college-entrance exams while spending half the time their public-school peers do in a "classroom" situation, people will wonder why they didn't think of it, too. ;)

God bless you!


bearing here.

My husband's family is supportive, thank goodness. They go to a parish that has several homeschooling families, and know all the children of one family very well, and so they know it's a good way to bring up kids. I'm not worried about them. :-)

Just have to wait and see about mine!

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