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02 November 2005


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Bernard Brandt

Yes, there have been a number of individuals who have posted in their weblogs about 'Reformation Day'. I'm one of them.

I did so because there was a bloke who decided to post the entire 95 theses as a comment for an entry on my weblog. I erased it, as it was not on-topic, but I felt obligated to make reference to a website where the text was, refer to a summary of as regards the import of those theses, and to acknowledge the source. Anything else (at least to my poor excuse of a mind), would have been discourteous and inconsiderate.

And while I think and believe that the good doctor hyperbolicus(aka, Martin Luther) exceeded the bounds of sanctity, sense, and good taste in having mailed the theses in question (if not having posted them), I also believe that good Pope Julius, and the clergy of the time, had it coming.

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