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14 November 2005


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Kevin J Jones

Well, there are also philosophical presuppositions necessary for scientific inquiry, like the knowability of the universe, the ability for the human mind to understand and describe it, and so forth.

Incidentally, many neuroscientists seem bent on discrediting human agency, which they don't seem to realize will undermine the whole scientific project. See Tom Wolfe's essay "Sorry, Your Soul Just Died."

I would also add that there are ethical presuppositions for scientific inquiry as well. There are the obvious ones, like not faking data or stealing a colleague's work. But I think a certain discipline of mind and spirit is also necessary for such inquiry. Any awareness of that preparation is only left implicit in scientific practice, and I think that's a bad thing.

There is still a nasty Cartesian tendency in scientific thought to think of the human mind as some discarnated angelic thing which only need follow some logical method to reach knowledge. Christianity, with pre-modern philosophers, would note that mental excellence and knowledge requires more than simply following a procedure.


I'd like to know what Technologies derive from revelation. Inquisition torture devices?

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