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30 November 2005


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"But if the candidate has "deep-seated homosexual tendencies," or is currently sexually active as a homosexual"

Don't you think a man who is "currently sexually active", regardless of the orientation, would NOT be the best candidate for celibate priesthood? That means he does not take Church teaching on the sacrament of matrimony and licit sexual relations seriously.


Of course. But this post is strictly about the contents of the document in question, and the document strictly covers homosexual tendencies.

I think that part of the point of this document is to stress, perhaps for the first time, that homosexual unchastity is not equivalent to heterosexual unchastity for the purposes of considering a candidate's suitability for the priesthood. An example may be the requirement that a candidate have overcome homosexual tendencies for a period of at least three years. I am not aware of any requirement that a candidate for the priesthood have been chaste for a full three years prior to ordination.

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