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21 December 2005


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"I am going to sweep the floor in five minutes and if there are any toys left on the floor I am going to sweep them right into the dustpan and they will go in the trash." [N.B. This is usually true of some of the toys, but not all. I guess I'm only lying about being non-discriminatory.]

Oh, absolutely! I use this one all the time. It often works, but not until I pull out the broom. I do throw away broken or junky toys in full sight of the girls on occasion -- not as a punishment, but as a reminder of the natural cycle or toy life -- if it can't be fixed and you don't play with it, you don't need it!


This is the Will to Power--recall Nietzche.

J.D. Fisher

I'm glad someone brought up Nietzsche. The idea of control above truth is undoubtedly from the Will to Power (or, Der Wille zur Macht; and in my mind Macht connotes a potentiality that is not carried over to the English power)--not because it isn't anywhere else, but because I have read everything Nietzsche has written (philosophical writings).

That said, I should also say that the post was not intended to get across a purely philosophical point, nor was it intended to shame adults for lying to children.

Although I DO avoid it daily and consciously (as far as I know), after becoming a parent twice (and pretty soon thrice), I can see how tempting it is to use deception to exert or maintain control.

The misleading in education is, for the most part, unconscious and systemic. It has real causes (likely organizational ones), which do not include a subscription on the part of educators at any level to the philosophy of misguiding students for personal or organizational advantage.

In education (as with many other things), it comes down to (a) understanding the truth, (b) communicating this truth, and (c) nurturing and challenging students.

And if you replace "students" above with "myself," you have the students' responsibilities.

And if you replace "students" above with "my child," . . . well, you know.

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