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06 December 2005


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I'm getting her address to send a letter of condolence. Let me know if you'd like me to e-mail it to you privately. It seemed a good compromise to me.


Thanks Kelly... I got it from KJ. I do plan to send something personally now.


I have been blessed to meet many of my internet friends and acquaintances in the flesh. I will go out of my way to do so if the opportunity arises. My dad's generation (and my dad for that matter) would often have pen pals that were arranged through a friend of a friend - and they might go a lifetime corresponding and only meet in person a few times (or possibly never). I see that my internet relationships have enriched my life in incredible ways - and I can only hope that I have been of help to some others here and again.
I'm glad that you are reaching out in this sad case. I haven't said much because I don't know the person even through the listserv - but I have been praying and wondering.

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