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17 February 2006


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Mrs. Dr. P

High-larious!! I'm glad to hear that other married couples have nerd conversations. (Nerd conversation = any conversation that requires the internet to complete.) When we were first married, we would tell people 2-9. It's amazing that people always ask. If I were you, I'd give them a number one less than you currently have, just to confuse them. Ask if they think the hospital accepts returns.


Too, too funny! Too bad I'm not scientific enough to carry off that response to throw people off. Oh well!


ROTFL, that is too funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has nerdy conversations. Mine aren't with my hubby though, uh oh....


MrsDrP: Thanks for the definition of "nerd conversation." Unfortunately, it seems that most of my conversations fit that definition.

DaughterofStjohn: Scandalous!


That is hilarious. And my boys think our family's conversations are odd!

We never had this question arise. But when I was pregnant with a baby, we did have several people ask us if we knew how that happened. (Relevant to your contraception and continuum article, maybe they really believed we didn't know.)

Once my husband decided that the next person to ask that question was going to get, "No. Could you explain it to us?" as an answer, we never got another question.

So, my theory is that once you have a good answer, no one asks the question again.


This is great. People usually ask us "when are you going to have another baby?"

My (charming) husband has taken to answering "Nine months from tonight if you'll babysit!"

Also, to the sarcastic question "so, how many kids do you have now?" He says "I think around four, but I try to not keep track."


What a delightful post (And Dr. Caldwell at UTM is awesome--I'm not a math person, so I haven't had him as a professor, but he's a very neat person).


hilary duff with no clothes on

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