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19 March 2006


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I'm interested in your thinking about unassisted birth. I *loved* my homebirths, but I wouldn't go unassisted. What made it appealing to you?

On an unrelated note: my first homebirth was attended by Dr. Greg White's son. It was wonderful!


What made it appealing to me? I suppose most of all the idea that birth, like fertility and any other normal human body function, isn't meant to be "managed" at all. I got even more interested in the idea and supportive of it after I joined an email list and had a chance to read some birth stories, and even to see some home video, of unassisted birth.

DH didn't like the idea, and we eventually found a midwife who was pretty close to my idea of an "ideal" attendant, so we went with that. But I'd still rather go unassisted than invite a mw I didn't feel good about into my home. And I think it's a good idea for everyone to be familiar with unassisted birth, just in case...

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