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09 March 2006


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My son is one year old, and just stopped wanting to nurse. I'm very dedicated to breastfeeding and have offered my breast repeatedly. He tries it, but doesn't seem to like it anymore. Nothing else has changed in our lives right now. I'm still pumping so I still have milk, but he doesn't want it from my breast, from a bottle, or out of a cup.


My daughter is 14 months and stopped wanted to nurse 2 weeks ago while she was teething. Two teeth were coming out at the same time and she was in a lot of pain. She could not sleep, cried for hours, and did not want to nurse. All she wanted to eat was yogurt. I ended up pumping my milk and she drank out of the bottle, but once the teething stage was over, she still did not want to nurse nor drink my milk from a bottle.

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