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03 March 2006


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Mrs. Dr. P

Mr P have been conciously having meatless Fridays for several months. In practice, this means buying tuna steaks (which we love) for Friday dinner. We don't often eat meat anyway, but dang if it doesn't seem like meat is always offered to us on Fridays now. And even though we love our fish, eating it always reminds us of *why* we are eating it today. I highly recommend abstaining on all Fridays.


Yeah, I've been avoiding meat on Fridays for the last six months or so, although I admit that (because it's optional) I don't go so far as to refuse to eat meat if I'm a dinner guest. I feel bad inconveniencing someone for what is (because it's optional) essentially a private devotional practice.


I went to Catholic school and always thought it was so odd that the whole no meat on Fridays was ever thought to be a big deal. I enjoyed reading your take on it (coming from a church where "fish days" during Lent are just about the most exciting thing ever).

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