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22 March 2006


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We used to have a top floor washing machine in another apartment. One day the supply hose came loose unexpectedly inside the machine and caused a flood through the downstairs ceiling. Ever since, tales of upstairs laundry give me the shudders. Is there a patron saint for plumbers? If I knew of one, I would say a quick prayer for tight connections for you.

Christopher Tyler

I'm sure you could design a nice pilot-scale laundry facility with a few doll clothes and the bathroom sink. The equipment, however, will be different enough that scale-up will become problematic.



Secondary containment is an important factor in any design that involves liquid handling...

Accordingly, my washing machine has a collection pan under it. It drains into the basement via a PVC pipe that dumps onto the bare concrete a couple of feet away from the same floor drain that's supposed to save us if the water heater leaks.

The one aspect of this protection system that I have not checked is whether the collection pan is large enough to hold one wash cycle's worth of water, should the overflow pipe become clogged.

But prayers to St. Vincent Ferrer, patron saint of plumbers, would still be lovely. While you're at it, say one for my late grandfather Barney, who was a plumber for many years...

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