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04 May 2006


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This is a great post. And working in They Might Be Giants? Beauty.


Yeah. Mostly I'm referring to stuff from Flood, but did you ever get their children's album, NO! (?) We love it around here. Cue headbanging:

John Lee Supertaster tastes more than you do! Everything has a flavor, some flavors are too much!


I had no idea they had a children's album. I hadn't even thought of Flood for years before today. I will buy one of these tomorrow if it takes a thousand record stores.


Well, John, let me know how you like it! I think NO! is every bit as good as their regular stuff (I'd say "adult music" except for the connotations that the adjective "adult" has these days). If you go to theymightbegiants.com you can listen or download mp3s for 99 cents.


Oh, looks like they have another kids' album out now called Here Come the ABCs. Haven't heard that yet...


Don't cross the street in the middle in the middle in the middle in the middle of the block block block!

You might check with a doctor on that whole grapefruit/pumpkin thing, no? ;-)


Today at Mass I was trying to concentrate on the prayer after communion while a voice in my head was belting out, "...to one day go down on Madonna..." Catchy indeed.


Sorry Jamie.

I didn't *make* you click the link...

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