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27 June 2006


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Bernard Brandt

Actually, it is a bit more complicated than that. The earlier formula of call and response between priest and congregation, in both East and West, was "peace be with you" (Latin: pax vobiscum; Greek: eirene syn umin). The response of the congregation was "and with your Spirit". (Latin: et cum spiritu tuo; Greek: kai to pnevmati sou)

My understanding of the reason for the reference to the spirit goes back to the scriptural and patristic view of human beings as a tri-unity of body (sarx), soul (nous) and spirit (pneuma). When the congregation asks for peace for the spirit of the priest, they do so so that in that peace, the Spirit of God may work unimpeaded in the priest so that the mysteries of the Sacred Body and Blood might be accomplished.

I suppose that the ICELniks axed the "spirit" talk because it did not comport with contemporary psychology. I suppose that we should be glad that the response was not rewritten to comport with modern psychology. We might have wound up with something like: "a sound psychological state be with you." "And with your id"

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