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27 July 2006


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I know you have more important things on your mind right now, but Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for posting the link to the archive with Treasure Chest. I was only briefly in Catholic school when our family (Navy) was stationed in Virginia, but I have always remembered my excitement whenever these issues were being handed out to us at the end of the school day.

There was was one story, "The Bear and the Wicked Wainwright" from 1963 which I have remembered certain panels from. It was so amazingly cool to find and read it again! I find that the author had a rather quirky style. Perhaps that's why it stuck in my mind.

There was also a series on learning how to draw the human figure which I remember fascinated me because no one had ever indicated that drawing was actually a skill that could be learned rather than simply an inborn gift vouchafed to a blessed few. Thanks to your link, I've reread a some of "Drawing along with Frank Borth" and am impressed anew with how simply and clearly he presented the subject. They had an enormous influence on me.

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