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27 July 2006


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That's sad... I do think I would consider donating and probably have donated stained-or-discolored-but-not-disgusting stuff. Is that okay? You know, like once-white newborn t-shirts that are pretty much grey now, or maybe something with one or two small, light spots that don't suggest "someone pooped right here" or "this was forgotten and growing mold, but we think we washed all that away." We are definitely people who donate in spurts, so it would probably be mixed in with a lot of good stuff, so I hope no one ever got that disheartening "you people can have our trash" feeling off of us... We certainly still put our kids in things with stains or holes (like footed jammies the toes poke through) at times! I probably draw more of a line on what we give away than what we'll let our kids wear in a pinch.

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