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25 August 2006


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Actually, that sounds like an interesting story... And I say that as one who met her husband at Steubenville. At a freshman mixer dance. Your tale sounds more dramatic.

We attend a large family-friendly parish, and I've seen lots of people who seem like they'd be nice to know, but I have a hard time overcoming my reluctance to go up to some stranger and say, "Hi! I'm MrsDarwin! You have a lovely family and you seem like a mannerly, hygenic person and I like your fashion sense. Would you care to enter into discussion so that I can gauge whether you'd be worth cultivating as an acquaintance?" In so many words, that is.


Ah yes, MrsDarwin, that is the tough part, isn't it.

We have some friends who have a better system: They invite people to dinner. Don't ask me why, but I'm afraid to do that.


It's not that I object to inviting people to dinner, but one can scarcely ask someone to dinner when you haven't been introduced. And I suppose I should just introduce myself, but it seems vaguely creepy to just walk up to someone and start talking to her. I like to wait for some kind of situation in which it seems logical to strike up a conversation and then make my move. The problem, I suppose, is when no situation presents itself and so you never meet nice family with the pregnant mom and the daughter who is just the right age. Oh well.

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