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09 August 2006


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Tongue thrust is a little unusual in a newborn. It is usually more related to bottles or pacifiers.

Tongue thrust coupled with receding jaw and shoulder dystocia I think would suggest you consider getting her a chiropractic or cranio-sacrio adjustment. I took Gregory in at three days old and he slept almost 14 hours straight afterwards , with nursing breaks, of course. He had been extremely fussy prior to that, and I delivered in an odd position.

Not the same situation, but still, with the dystocia, getting her lined up a little better could help with the nursing.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the boys. I had a longer recovery after number three myself, and lacking husband and family support, the other two just watched waaay too much tv for about three weeks.



I've been thinking about getting an adjustment myself. I've never seen a chiro before for anything, but after Oscar I had hip pain for months, and I'm feeling a lot of the same sensations now. ISTM that if a chiro is good for anything, postpartum hip pain would be one of them.

She's latching better already --- I think we are slowly getting the hang of it.


Yes, that's how I came to get Gregory adjusted. I was having a lot of pelvic pain, and while I was there, the chiro adjusted Gregory as well, when he heard what his symptoms were.

I was kneeling, but leaning to the left when I gave birth. The chiro said that my pelvis was twisted because of that. The relief was instant. Ahhh!

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