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15 September 2006


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We have it at regular times of the day, to help remember. Besides prayer before meals, we have a blessing before school that includes the guardian angel prayer, and a child's morning offering. Praying the Angelus at noon seems to be popular with many homeschooling families.

We also have a different prayer each month that we prayer before supper. Sometimes I match them to seasons, such as the Prayer For the Dead in November, but sometimes it is just a prayer that we'd like to learn.


1) Starting my own day with prayer to set the tone and welcome the Lord's presence

2) Teaching the kids to pray the morning offering on their own while getting dressed and ready, and following up before breakfast if they forget, to work on building the habit

3) Praying the Canticle of Zechariah, and occasionally reading a saint-of-the-day story, at breakfast

4) Starting the homeschool day with a new prayer every three or so weeks, so everybody learns it. We would alternate Marian prayers and invitatory psalms.

5) Beginning the rosary before sitting down at the computer and reading blogs during our morning break from school

6) Angelus at noon

7) Encouraging the kids to ask for grace whenever they get frustrated

8) Seeking opportunities to make our learning about the world a way to learn about its Creator

Good luck!

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