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22 September 2006


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Ray from MN

Thank you for the post, Erin.

I have not seen the Body World exhibit at the Science Museum and don't plan to.

I just don't like violence and gore in movies (and museums).

Granted that Christian art over the centuries is full of crucifixion scenes, some antiseptic, and other (Spanish?) more gory.

The movie, "The Passion of the Christ" probably portrayed the most gory crucifixion scene of all. Forewarned, I wasn't excited about viewing it, being the kind of person who closes his eyes during movies during most violent scenes.

Driving to the theater, I sensed that this was not a "movie" but a "meditation" and I prayed that I would be able to keep my eyes open during the entire movie. I did. (Except for the raven bit).

Being that the extremely graphic and gory Crucifixion scene in The Passion was done in the context of Jesus' love and ultimate sacrifice for my salvation, I was greatly moved by what I saw. I have continued to be on four subsequent viewings.

I sense that a crucifixion scene in a science exhibit probably would be gratuitous unless the context of the Sacrifice was also provided.

Thanks again for providing the space.

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