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15 September 2006


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I love your #3 for car. I've been worried that someone might discover the spare little boys' underwear in my purse, my camera bag, and my glove box and think there is something odd about me.


I'm going to try to imitate your car #3--I have changes of clothing around for the 7mo, but when we went to a playdate last week and the 3.9yo doused herself with water carefully from head to foot...I was caught unaware :)

We've been trying your shared days--Mondays at Mom A's house, Thursdays at Mom B's....I'll email you with some logistics questions :) Thanks for planting the idea.


Ray from MN

Well, if I were a betting man, and I've been known to be, I would place a hefty wager on that fact that your Freezer contains something that probably isn't found often in your average Maytag or Amana!

Thanks for playing and how come now updates on Mary Jane's progress. Given those first few photos, I would have bet also that she would be crawling by now.


Hi erin,
Sorry, I know I should put a comment here, but can't think of anything interesting to write. Just to tell you I now have my own blog, but I'm a bit of an amateur. not sure what to write that would be of any interest... give me some tips!

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