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06 September 2006


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Are those wooden wedgits in the less tidy cabinet?

Last year we devised a scheme whereby we worked for two hours each Saturday during cold weather on home projects. We cycled our way though cleaning out all of the closets, the basement, did some home repairs, etc. All those things that you never get around to. By the end of the winter, we'd crossed just about everything off the list. As it is all messy again, we're getting ready to institute the routine again this year. I figure, it will keep things from getting too out of hand.


What's a wedgit?

I like your Saturday scheme. We are going to try shifting some of the weekly chores from me doing them by myself on Tuesday, to everyone working together Sunday night. Maybe the Monday fresh start will be nice.


Wedgits are little stacking things. I've only found them in plastic, but you had something that looked like wooden ones.


It's nice that the children are starting to be old enough to assign tasks, isn't it? Now Mary Evelyn vacuums the stairs, and Max cleans the windows and mirrors. They've been picking up toys and things all along, but now we have actually moved up to chores.

Ray from MN

School sure has changed.

Back in 49-50, Sisters Jean Patrick and Claudia would have needed heckuva lot bigger desks to store all that kind of stuff for the First and Second graders.


thanks for setting a fire under my butt...I got my pics up. I'm glad you found the Real Learning thread w/all those school rooms. I thought of you when I stumbled across it and was happy to see that you had found it too.


oh, I forgot to say...I love your locking cabinets!

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