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18 October 2006


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Have you read any of those "get your child to sleep" books? Because you violated several of the rules, such as don't vary the bedtime by more than half an hour, no evening physical activity, and put them to bed earlier rather than later. But when you're the lone parent and are greatly outnumbered, you do whatever works. :)

My husband has a similar routine to yours, only he puts on an audiobook for them to listen to, and takes him palm pilot upstairs with him. He plays soduku while they fall asleep. If he falls asleep, I usually come up after 45 minutes to wake him up. The younger one is asleep by then, and the older one knows to stay in bed.

When he's away for just one night, my plan is to visit a friend that is two hours away. I have supper with their family, and after their evening prayers, I put everyone in pajamas and drive home. By the time I arrive, I carry all the sleeping children in one by one and put them to bed.

If I have to deal with more than one night, I let the older children play while I get the baby to sleep. He always sleeps at least one hour on his own before waking. I take the monitor with me, and put the older two to bed. If baby wakes before the younger one is asleep, I leave them to fall asleep on their own, while resorting to threats to keep them in the bedroom. You know, take away the audiobook or a night-night animal or something. I admit, by the time it's late and I've had them all by myself all day, I'm down to being a horrible mom. But I've only had to do that once or twice, because the younger one falls asleep quickly, and the baby rarely wakes before he's awake.

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