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21 October 2006


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Thanks for posting this and passing on the suggestion--I'll try that instead of just forgetting and occasionally remembering in order to feel guilty, the unproductive way I usually deal with such requests.


Ray from MN

I used to forget a lot. Then I would try to say a Hail Mary immediately, especially if it was someone I didn't know. But I would "think" about it for a second, first.

But more and more people I know ask now and then. I feel somewhat guilty about only one prayer, so I have a little notebook that I generally glance at when I say my morning prayers. That has become useful.

I like your idea of entrusting them to the Blessed Mother.

I'm beginning to wonder why I never ask for prayers for friends or relatives of mine, or myself, for that matter.


I generally save prayer requests for my usual prayer time, although I do find myself sometimes forgetting and feeling guilty. Usually I will remember for the first day or two, then I will either forget entirely, or I will just remember sporadically. I've often wondered how long I should pray for a person when it isn't for something that is going to happen at a scheduled time (like for a surgery).

I do pray sometimes for people I read about in the paper or online, and I will pray for people who don't ask for it. I will also sometimes not pray for people who ask to be prayed for frequently. I never ask for myself, and I'm not entirely sure why.

I like your suggestion, although for some reason it feels a bit like cheating. It shouldn't, and obviously it isn't, but for some reason that's my initial reaction.


Amber, I agree that it feels like cheating, a little bit. But I realized that the fear of praying for an inappropriately short time was preventing me from praying at all! So I'm doing better than I was.

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