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30 November 2006


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Let's see...

I have a Sacred Heart of Jesus painting and a Holy Family painting. Both are in my dining room.

I have a Immmaculate Heart of Mary painting in my computer room/guest bedroom. Also, on the bulletin board in the computer room/guest bedroom is my parish's calender with dates of feast days and religious art.

I have a crucifix with corpus above my bed in my bedroom. On my dresser are my 2 rosary boxes with a rosary in each one (when I'm not using them or take them with me)

My bookcase in the living room has almost an entire shelf of Catholic reading as well as my RSV 2nd edition Bible, my Catechism, my Compendium etc.

This weekend I will have my Nativity set up on my buffet in the dining room. The Christmas tree and wreath will be up in the porch.

Ray from MN

I've got a little "shrine area" at the end of a hallway with a crucifix with a "crown of thorns" made of palms hanging from it. On one side of it are icons of St Benedict and St Scholastica I received from my aunt's possessions. She was a Benedictine nun and died two years ago and the Mother Superior gave members of the family personal items that she had in her room. We all really appreciated that.

On the right of the crucifix I also have an Icon of St Joseph and the Baby Jesus with two rosaries (one from when I was a lad) hanging next to it. Last Lent's palms are hanging there also.

Also about six Basilica calendars from current and previous years with gorgeous photography hang near my computer. Many times it's faster finding a date using a calender than consulting Outlook.

I'll put up my creche on top of one of my book cases in a couple of weeks.


In the living room and children's room, there is a crucifix on the wall.

My dining room has vintage black and white photographs on the walls. I found a lovely print of a Raffael Santi woodcut of Madonna and Child and it looks great there with the other b&ws. I admit, after reading your previous post, I was thinking I could easily slip Therese among my family in the dining room, too.

In the kitchen hangs my church calendar that has religious art. I also have a small 4x6 antique reproduction of a different Madonna and child oil painting. I was excited when the very same picture showed up on my calendar this year, but then realized there was no credit listed, so I still don't know who painted the artwork.

Hidden in the laundry room, I have a small picture of "the Polish Madonna" where Mary is hanging the laundry while Jesus plays at her feet. It's supposed to remind me that doing the laundry can be a spiritual work.

In our library/study we have a sort of shrine on top of one of the bookshelves. It includes our unity candle and three baptismal candles from the children. A candle decorated with Mary and Jesus that was a gift, and a hand carved Madonna and child statue that I bought at a German monastery.

In general, I keep on the lookout for religious decorations that look more like art than the general Catholic bookstore fair. The kitchen painting and one of our crucifixes were yard sale finds, and the Raffael woodcut I bought at the Vatican exhibit, when it traveled to Cincinnati.


I really don't have anything, except my one shelf of Catholic books and Bibles. I also have a cross fashioned from a Palm Sunday palm and my cross I received the weekend before last during my Rite of Acceptance. I would like to display some items in other places in my home, but since my husband is not religious it is not something I can do. I'd like to be able to put up a crucifix and some reproductions of some of the wonderful art that exists... maybe someday...


We have Our Lady of Perpetual Help in our living room twice -- once as a big gold-framed picture over the couch, and once as an icon behind which we've tucked our blessed palms. We have crucifixes over or beside various doors and beds, and in our bedroom there's a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We also have a church calendar with Marian art in the kitchen. One of our favorite religious items are two framed pages from a 17th cen. Bible printed in Greek and Latin -- one with the Pater Noster, the other the title page to Thessalonians.

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