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05 December 2006


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You know, I have several non-AP friends, but only one does the carseat 24/7 thing. She has her other children in Mommy and Me gymnastics, and the baby stays in the carseat while she does the gymnastics class.

I only got an infant carseat for my most recent baby. We finally could afford to, and my first two were on the small side, so I thought the baby would be a little safer in the better fitting environment for the first few months. Wouldn't you know, I got the big baby this time, and we only got about three months of use out of it! We used it as a car seat, though, and not an all the time baby holder like most . . .


There is a time when a parent needs to step back and there is a time when they should not. You have illustrated an occasion where the parents needed to better protect their babies. What clueless
dumb -----!

I'm horrified and terrified just reading this post. And, I don't even have children!


I admit it. Now that I have three, I have an infant car seat (on a stable, flat base, on the floor) in my living room. I never did before. I put Mary Jane in it when I need to nurse the three-year-old. She is on the floor in front of me, and I tickle her with my toes and make faces.

I also occasionally take her out of the sling and put her in the seat (again, always in the same room with me) when I need to do something like drain the boiling pasta or get a heavy hot dish out of the oven.

But I would never mistake the seat for a babysitter. And I don't put it anywhere but the floor.

As soon as she's able to sit up, I guess I'll put it in the attic.


Oh, I have one of those bouncy seat things for indoor use. Not the vibrating kind. They're just creepy.


Well, I have brought a carseat into Music Together class for three babies now. The baby was only in the car seat if asleep and was then strapped in with the car seat on the floor tucked into the corner behind where we usually sit. If the baby was asleep in the get up and run around times, I stayed between the baby and the rest of the room, and no kid has ever come close to colliding with the car seat or thrown things near it. I just don't want to dance vigorously and jump up and down while holding a baby who just nursed him or herself to sleep. : ) Soon enough the baby figures out this is fun and wants to stay awake for class - plus once the baby develops a schedule I try for classes not during nap time.


OK, so if the mom stays right next to the baby, the whole time, you feel it's safe?

In my class, that would work IF the seat was in the corner, against two walls, AND someone was between the seat and the class. If the seat isn't in the corner, it doesn't work. The kids who run tend to run around the perimeter of the group when we are seated in a circle. If the baby was outside the circle, s/he would be in the path of any runners.

But what I'm also seeing is that the mothers are not staying right by the seat. They are getting up and dancing vigorously with their toddlers, leaving the seat on the floor. It seems to me that if you can't dance with a baby in arms or in a sling, neither can you do so (safely) with your baby in a carseat.


That's an alarming situation you've described. I have never been proficient with a sling, so my children have spent lots of time on my hip when we're out, and it's certainly not impossible to dance that way.

Darwin had a co-worker who once stopped by his child's daycare unexpectedly. He was horrified to learn that many of the infants had been left strapped in their car seats most of the day (including his own child, I believe). The staff took the babies out to feed and change them, then tucked them right back into the seat. That's simply appalling.


I am frequently appalled by the cluelessness of some parents these days. But your carseat mom takes the cake! I'm not surprised that your subtle hints were, well, too subtle for her.

My own pet peeve is mothers (or fathers) who allow their very small children to wander about in public places with no parental supervision. The scariest and most recent instance took place just a couple of days ago at the public library where I work as an aide. A man came up to the circulation desk and reported that a one year old child was wandering about in the parking lot just outside the main entrance of the library. We notified the senior librarian on duty who rushed to the entrance where the child had just toddled back inside. The librarian asked me to make an announcement over the P.A. system describing the child and asking his parent (if present) to please come and claim him.

When the librarian returned to the desk, she was indignantly muttering, "Not even a 'thank you'!" Apparently, the woman was not at all disturbed that her toddler had wandered off.

I just don't understand parents like that. When my kids were that small they were never out of my visual range when we were away from home. And frequently they were either holding my hand or attached to me by a baby leash, especially if we were in a crowded public place. (The baby leash got me a few nasty looks and comments, but it actually gives a small child more freedom of movement than he would have if he were holding your hand.)


Anyone see that story the other day about how sleeping in carseats can deprive babies of oxygen? It was all over the news, should be easy to find on Google News.

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