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24 January 2007


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I feel I have to say something. I just have to.
Those net curtains, Erin... please. for the love of God. Take them down.
Net curtains are only for those over 75, or for anyone called Mildred or Burt.

If you're not in any of the above category, they have to go.

Go for flat 'voiles' instead, if you really have to.

And curtains should never be tied back like that. Ugh. I shall have to pray for you.


actually one other thing...
why is John's blog on your blogroll and not mine?
John's is not nearly as interesting as mine.

Most people just hit on his to find my blog address anyway.


Those aren't "net" curtains! They're sheers with a nice pinstripe in them. And if I don't tie back the red ones there will be no natural light in the room.

Why am I taking decorating advice from a man with a ponytail?


Maybe I'd link to you if you actually updated your blog once in a while, James...

John, can't you, you know, PROVOKE him a little bit once in a while? James obviously needs inspiration.


i see you've liked me now... thanks.

i don't update my blog too regularly coz i want my vast readership to savour the profound blogs i write. and quality awaits inspiration.

i still say those curtains are nets. and as such must be removed or replaced with flat voiles.

and i no longer have a ponytail. i have a very trendy pencil thin beard instead.


I've posted on my blog...


sorry - the web address was wrong.. here it is..

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