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20 February 2007


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yes yes. very nice.
but why do some people want to find every other interpretation but the one most obvious.
much of modern biblical exegesis comes from an anti-spiritual perspective. nobody wants to believe that the demonic really does exist. they will look for every other meaning to these accounts but not look at the one that is staring them in the face - Jesus liberates us from the Evil One.

Says one who has experienced demonic deliverance himself.


James, the problem with faulty exegesis isn't the finding of interpretations other than the most obvious.

What's faulty is *rejecting* the most obvious in favor of interpretations that exclude it.

These are many-layered stories, and many of the layers can be true (though if two possible layers appear to contradict, at least one must be rejected as wrong).

I think they're many-layered on purpose. It's like a broadcast that can contain many messages on different frequencies.

But the most obvious "top layer" is not made false by the (correct) finding of new under-layers.

The Parables of the Lord are not just stories about mustard seeds, coins, vineyards, etc. although these are the most obvious interpretations --- the Lord Himself (who speaks with authority and not as the scribes) demonstrated this, though sometimes privately to the disciples.


yes i agree with you.

I suppose i am extra sensitive to the anti-supernatural view. I did theology as a degree for three years (albeit not strictly catholic) and so spent most of the time defending the view that actually Jesus did walk on water, and actually Jesus could well of fed 5000 miraculously if He wanted to.

I was so fed up with the way miracles were dismissed because of the 'other layers' which became the 'real' interpretation of the events.

One lecturer even stated that Jesus walked on a porpoise, but it looked like he was walking on water. and the reason he walked on a porpoise? So that he could demonstrate the underlying meaning that He was God and could do anything. Like walking on porpoises in a storm.
wow. and people say miracles are hard to believe (?)


Rich Leonardi

Anything that begins with "courtesy of Fr. John Dear, S.J." belongs in your round file.


That bad, huh. Well, I guess I'm guilty of judging the commentary on its merits then.

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