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24 February 2007


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I mentioned the books of James Stenson before. I have a minute now, so I pulled one off the shelf. He focuses on school age children, and his strength is that he focuses on strengthening the attachment, and building character. He says that your family needs a mission, leadership, and structure.

Under discipline, he writes, "Your discipline in the family means, therefore, that you teach and lead your children to understand and to practice responsible Christian adulthood. You teach, they learn. You lead, they follow. Over several years, they learn and follow you until they attain this kind of adulthood themselves."

Later he writes, "Children do not grow up when they can take care of themselves; they really grow up when they can take care of others--and want to."

The titles that I have by him are Lifeline, Compass, and Upbringing. The latter is actually a group discussion guide, but I enjoyed going over all the questions with my husband. He also has titles on adolescence and peer pressure which I'd like to read soon.

Time's up.

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