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01 February 2007


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just wondering.. is there any way that use of cloth nappies (sorry, diapers) can contribute to kidney/urological infections, do you think?


James, I was wondering that myself. I use mostly cloth and sometimes disposable (basically whatever I feel like doing that day), and I've used disp's more often with MJ than with my other newborns. I've noticed that when she has a bowel movement (remember, she's breastfed only, so still quite liquidy) it's a lot easier to get her properly cleaned off if she was in a disposable, because the disposable absorbed the liquid. So I think I might switch to disposables with her until she's eating more solids.

I sent my friend who's more in-tune with the "EC" (elimination communication/infant potty training) community to go see what she could find yesterday, and she didn't turn up anything that wasn't obviously rabid anti-disposables propaganda from the hemp-diaper set. Unsurprising as UTIs are so very rare in babies.

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