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15 March 2007


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Hi erin, I talked to my friend who leacturs at the ITI in Austria (where Waldstein is from) about this. (I was staying there last week).

While you're right that it seems 'could be' is not the correct translation in english and gives a rather misleading slant altogether - it appears the other languages are also not correct either.

Aequum est is certainly not the same as 'bonum est' which is how the other languages seem to have translated it. There are also several other words that would have been much more fitting and common to use to convey 'it is good' rather than aequum. if you do a search throughout the same document in latin, it can be seen where else the phrase 'aqeuum est' is used. Each time, there is a slightly different translation. indeed, once the translation into english has been omitted alogether.

It's a good example of a phrase that is - as the film goes - 'Lost in translation'. ;o)

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