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03 May 2007


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I understand how you feel except that my baby is only 14 mos. old and I'm ready to start weaning him. Or at least to cut his feedings down (he still doesn't sleep at night and wants to nurse ALL night). I sympathized with your description in your last post about this feeling of nursing aversion. It makes you understand how a mama cat can just get up and jump away from the kitties while they're still nursing.



"Weaning" begins when babies start solids, so you've probably already started. :-) Since your little's so young, if you're really thinking you are hitting some kind of limit, can I suggest that you consider situational weaning before beginning the total weaning process?

I wrote about situational weaning here http://arlinghaus.typepad.com/blog/2006/03/every_once_in_a.html and here http://arlinghaus.typepad.com/blog/2006/03/situational_wea.html (sorry, I've disabled live links in comments due to spam)

Situational weaning does not have to be part of a "program" to get your baby to wean completely. Night-weaning is one example of situational weaning.

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