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22 July 2007


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I like this.


I like this post. I try to practice the same thing, some days more successfully than others.


I really like this metaphor. I grew up playing Rook, sounds kind of like euchre, but uses it's own playing cards, not the standard ones. I can relate to the rules you mentioned and need to incorporate it more at home. Thanks for the reminder!
(My Dad would be proud that there is a spiritual application to his drill in Rook!)


Erin, sorry to keep bugging you! I sent the link to this post to some family members and mentioned how is sounded like Rook and what a need application to life. My Dad wrote back with 2 observations: 1-there's a spiritual application to most things if we'll just look and 2--it sounds like you'd make a good partner in cards!

Thought I'd share that with you. Thanks again for the insight.


Ok, that's a neat application to life...

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