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26 July 2007


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Christy P

Ahhh, Latin. The frog in the water jar, Caesar's commentaries, so many words and idioms and situations that don't resonate with our culture, and yet so many of our words derive from there. I think that Oscar is ready for the super junior Junior Classical League (JCL). Have you found the Latin versions of Christmas carols (Tinniat, tinniat, tintinabulum. Labimur in glacie post mulum cultum -- google that and you will find it)? Probably if you find those then you will find other modern books translated into Latin, too. I know that there is a Winne Ille Pooh set at least.


Yes, some time ago I got _Cattus Pettasatus_ (sp?) from the library. It was really fun to read aloud but far beyond my ability at this point...


We love Prima Latina, as well. My 8yo started it last year, and now both 8 and 7yo say the table blessing in Latin. I also had an amazing German teacher in high school--here's to formal language learning and drill!

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