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22 August 2007


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Before trying Imitrex, have you exhausted safer combinations that may help you? I've had migraines for years and my treatment has had to evolve, but combinations of aspirin &/or acetaminophen &/or ibuprofen (never more than two different compounds and never over the recommended doseage) AND caffeine have helped ease the pain. I've even mixed up cocoa powder with whipping cream (or butter in a pinch) and some sugar because I found whatever's in the cocoa (caffeine again, I suppose) with the fat and sugar did the trick. I now take two ibuprofen with a caffeine-sugar-fat (usually a fake cappucino) chaser and it works every time. Good luck to you.


Well, the thing that helped me best up till now is two shots of vodka.

After I drank all the vanilla extract when a migraine hit me while I was over at my Mormon friend's house, I thought: Maybe this isn't the best way to treat this.


true enough


I've had migraines since I was in first grade. I've been on Imitrex (as needed) for about 6 years now. We've been ttc for 4 years (since our wedding July 2003). I've been told to only take the Imitrex after taking a pregnancy test or after my period starts. The headache specialist I go to explained that the Imitrex changes the way your blood flows through your body and because of that there is a risk of miscarriage. I'm in the Twin Cities - let me know if you want the name of the headache specialist. She is great.

Christy P

For a while I was doing a daily low dose aspirin as a migraine prevention technique, and it worked for me.

Another non-RX method that has had some success for me is the combination of Coca cola (not diet) and Tylenol Allergy Sinus (includes essentially sudafed, benadryl and tylenol). Follow up with a lot of water to counteract the dehydrators.

For some people, changes in the weather correlate with migraine onset usually a switch from high pressure to low.

FWIW, I used Zomig (similar to Imitrex) for a couple of years and found that I needed to up the dosage with frightening frequency. It is another that you take as soon as you feel a symptom, and I started by taking 2.5mg, but it was only a matter of months before I was up to 7.5mg. Once I tried (someone else's) Imitrex out of desperation, and it didn't work at all. Go figure - this is an art, not a science.


My history of migraines is very similar to yours. They started in the eighth grade and I had them throughout my life and could never figure out what triggered them. From age 30 to 35 they seemed to subside, but came back with a vengence at 35- one every three months or so for a year, then once a year till I was about 42. Since then, I'm 49 now, I've had them religiously every month for three days while on my period. I have noticed if I take magnesium and vitamin B6 (to aid absorbtion) the migraines are not as severe and sometimes go away. Fish is also high in magnesium. Imitrex does not work for me. Midrin works sometimes, but it probably isn't suitable for you since it contains a narcotic.

I have found it is a good time to pray while suffering with a migraine- anything else is impossible- so I guess its Our Lords way of telling me I need to pray. And don't forget to offer it up!

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