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08 August 2007


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We went to see the bridge on Tuesday evening. What haunted me the most was the cars strewn about the sections of the road severely slanted down toward the river. I can't imagine looking down that slope and praying that your emergency brake would keep you from tumbling down into the heap. Also haunting; the numbers and letters spray painted in bright pink on the cars left behind. It was very somber. I was struck by the respectfulness of the people, it felt like a funeral. Even the police officers protecting the site were polite and helpful. After we stood for a while, near the Riverview Condos, one officer exited his car and approached us, seemingly to invite conversation. He gently answered any inquiries concerning where to go for better viewing and giving any updates to the progress of the recovery. It felt as though, in some way, the police presence is working to protect our raw emotions as well as trying to impress upon us a feeling of security amidst a tragic situation.

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