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19 August 2007


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Our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks on most of the streets. The neighborhood I grew up in did. I think that people actually drive more carefully in our current neighborhood than they did in the one with sidewalks. I really don't want them to put sidewalks on our street, it isn't a high traffic area for kids.

BTW, not only do they take part of your lawn for the sidewalk, in our town they also then fine you if you don't shovel it by noon the day it snows, fine you if you don't edge it to their standards, and assess you a individual property maintenance tax when they (inevitably) have to replace cracked portions.

Thanks, but no thanks.


cjmr, don't you have to shovel your front walk anyway -- you know, the thing that gets you from the porch to the street -- so that the postman can deliver your mail in the winter?

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