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17 September 2007


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Glad to hear you didn't suffer much. I get the visual disturbances occasionally, which I've been told is a form of migraine. Sometimes it's followed by a mild headache, but it has never been worse than that. I suspect it's hormonally-related, as I haven't had one since the first trimester in this pregnancy.

BTW, how are you liking the history from Pandia Press? I'm thinking about a purchase for next year to use as a springboard for ideas (Middle Ages).


I have none of the visual disturbances, but all of the pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and residual hit-by-a-truck feeling. Those triptan drugs are really miraculous. I have essentially no symptoms other than the extreme fatigue (and the need for a few good snacks, though I would never have realized it before Erin mentioned it). Fortunately I had no migraines while pregnant and I have had only one since the birth of my daughter. I expect that once my cycles become regular again I'll have more. Not looking forward to it...

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