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05 October 2007


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Erin, thanks for such a thoughtful post. I realized in college that I didn't want to know everything about something...and so didn't pursue grad school. My degree is in Chemistry, so my education growing up had a lot of the same marks of knowing something about everything as you indicated. It's nice to hear the "something about everything" validated...I've always been a bit ashamed of my lack of desire for the opposite, though I do come from a long line of "Jacks of all Trades, Masters of none".
This particular propensity does make homeschooling fun, doesn't it?


I have a book like that called The Big Book of Why, by Arkady Leokum that I bought at a used book sale. Its copywright is 1967 and has such questions as " What is forestry?" and "What would happen if there was no dust"

I havent actually looked thru it much, but it was so cheap and looked like so much fun that I had to buy it.

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