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21 November 2007


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Christy P

You might want to check out http://historytools.org/

My friend David is a historian at UW-Green Bay and likes to think about how to teach history. His focus is not elementary school, but you might find it useful nonetheless.


Try reading historical fiction aloud and keeping a timeline. The timeline puts things into a concrete context for children and the stories help them connect to the people of the time. Use lots of non-fiction picture books for some hands-on illustrations and you're all set. I used this in a modified form when teaching for a (public) school board; used it (with Catholic commentary) while homeschooling my daughter and her friends; am using it now in a private school set up by homeschoolers with multiple grades (again with Catholic commentary). For ancient history, look for "A Place in the Sun" (Egypt) and find a retelling of The Odyessy for ancient Greece. If you enlist your childrens' librarians, they will have a long list to help you.


Both of those are really good suggestions. There are a number of good primary sources at Christy's link, plus a good overview reminding how to read them.

I used _Black Ships Before Troy_ -- a most excellent and exquisitely illustrated retelling of the Iliad -- with my kids before beginning ancient history this year, and it has been one of their favorite read alouds of all time. The same author and illustrator have an Odyssey, which I plan to read to them later this year.

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