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29 November 2007


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Christy P

Lucky you - I have a really hard time finding any english muffins that don't include high fructose corn syrup among the list of ingredients.


Well, whole-wheat doesn't imply corn-syrup-free.

BTW, Mark is suspicious of anti-corn-syrup people. Do you know something he doesn't? Is HF corn syrup really any worse than any other refined sugar? I have heard people say so, but never seen data.

Christy P

Nutritionally, I don't know if it is bad or not. My issue is that it is so ubiquitous and used IMHO in inappropriate places, like bread. On an environmental level, too, I think that the corn monoculture and industrialized agriculture that goes with it is a problem.


OK, I get it now. LMK if you find any substantiation on the "high fructose corn syrup is particularly bad for you" front, because I'm interested in it. Of course, given how ubiquitous it is, crusading to eliminate just HFCS from the family diet would probably go a long way towards dropping the total family refined-sugar intake altogether, which is good for everybody.

And yeah, I don't think I know of any WW English muffins that don't have HFCS, but avoiding non-whole-grain bread products is a higher priority for me than avoiding HFCS -- because the level of certainty of the statement "whole grains are nutritionally better than refined grains" is substantially greater than the level of certainty of "HFCS is particularly nutritionally bad as sugars go." I place nutrition at the top of my hierarchy of criteria when it comes to family meal planning... environment is after that...

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