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22 December 2007


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If it gets to be too much, move west. In Utah, you would barely have gotten started with a family of 3...

Mrs Marcos

I was really hoping for an "announcement" at the end of that article. ;)

sarah e.

My husband and I talked about this extensively before we were married because we do hope to have quite a few kids. He always made ended the conversation by promising me that if anyone dared to say anything, especially in front of our kids, he would be very happy to punch the person then and there.

But your way is, of course, much more constructive in the long run. ;) Great post.


Great post! Thanks for sharing. And Merry Christmas!


No, no announcement. Sorry! I haven't had too many people ask me if I was done yet -- just a few "ah, you finally got your girl!" type comments.

Christy, Re: places where larger families are more common, it's my understanding that mothers of zero to three children occasionally get comments regarding their shockingly small families...

Sarah R.

I really enjoyed this post. My challenge, though, will be remembering charity/love of neighbor in my responses. Usually (and with only two little darlings, I've already had a few comments, and from the most closest of family (mother, father, stepparents)), I have to remain silent, lest my tongue bite and my answer lack any charity at all, thus necessitating a trip to see Padre in the confessional. *sigh*

But I like this post A LOT. Thanks for taking the time to share it!


Sometimes it seems to come in the form of a rude assumption rather than a rude question. With three girls, we often get: "I guess you finally had to give up on trying for that boy."

To which, of course, the answer is: "We plan to have equal numbers of both."

Angela C.

This is a great post! I've been asked if we have children, and when told no many have asked why not. I feel put on the spot and I usually end up telling more than I really want. It's awkward and terrible. Fortunately, my husband came up with "I'm our only child!" when someone asks him about children. I just wish I could convey to him that it's really rude to say "Their tv must be broken" when talking about someone with a large family. Ah well.


Some people are so rude it is unbelievable. Singletons like me get the rude questions like: You aren't married YET? You don't have any kids yet? (Apparently, having kids out of wedlock is the fashion these days)

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