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29 February 2008


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Margaret in Minnesota

I am so happy that such an incredibly smart gal as yourself has figured this all out. ;)

I mean that, though. So many women with advanced degrees look outside the home for their fulfillment, as you well now. When I look at your kids I see three beautiful, happy and fulfilled children. You are giving them the best you got--and fortunately for them, that's quite a lot.


I took the two older kids (4 and 5) our for sushi last Friday. They'd been on a Japanese animated movie kick and wanted to have food "just like in Totoro". I love sushi, and mommy was out of town with baby, so I was won over. (Compared to the KofC fish fry, it sounded great.) Unfortunately, what I discovered is that although they love the look of sushi, they don't really like sushi itself. Sigh...

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