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18 February 2008


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My dh is a career prosecutor. He just read this and told me that he agrees with this 100%. He would have no problem defending a guilty client (were he to go out on his own and hang a shingle). Also, he says that another part of the defense equation is trying to get the best (fairest) sentence for the client--not just trying to get them to go free. He used to think he'd have a hard time being a defense attorney since his Dad was Federal Law Enforcement, but after being a prosecutor for a while and seeing the system in motion for a while (now 11 years) his thoughts mirror the quote you posted.
Also, he just told me that some of the time neither attorney knows what happened. It would be unethical to prosecute someone you believed to be innocent, but often the case isn't that clear. If it's a "he hit me" case--and she is bruised, that is evidence. But he may come back and say that "she hit me first and it was self-defense." So, the prosecutor and the defense attorneys lay their evidence out for the system to make a judgment. It's not always as black and white as those of us not in the system want to believe it is.

Thanks for a great post!

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