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19 March 2008


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That sounds like waay to much work, based on our trips.

1. Get frozen pizza out of freezer and preheat oven.

2. Carry in luggage.

3. Put pizza in stove.

4. Finish carrying in luggage. Clean trash out of van. Change diaper. Have kids put away their toys, dirty laundry, etc.

5. Eat frozen pizza.

6. Put everyone straight to bed, and collapse.


Well, I guess you could have the onion pre-chopped in the freezer too. With the spices already in it.

The thing is, when we get back from vacation, we're sick of pizza and other similar things. We wind up eating a lot of it while we're traveling. We are all really happy to sit down to something that feels like dinner at home.

I used to have soup and chili already made in the freezer for this purpose, but then I realized that it actually takes less time to cook this recipe than it does to defrost two quarts of soup.

Christy P

A Really Great Thing that my friends and I used to do for each other was to make sure that whoever was minding the home of the traveler would acquire a container of milk and put it in the fridge before the traveler returned so that she could have breakfast the next morning without going to the store.


This is an Ohio thing, right, with the spaghetti in the chili?


Yes, it's an Ohio thing.

If it bothers you, make rice.


just to say - I'm coming back to the blogosphere. have realised my daily brouhahas have been less than daily - more like annualy. so am giving it another go!
hope alls well with you...


CJ...this recipe shouldn't be confused w/Cincinnati chili, though. Cincinnati chili (or chili spaghetti) doesn't have the beans in the sauce and has the unique addition of cocoa powder to the blend of "spices." :-)

You *can* serve it up with beans *after* cooking...called a 5-way, I believe. (Spaghetti, chili, cheese, onions, and beans...in that order).

I've not been adventurous enough to try regular chili w/spaghetti since moving to Ohio, but I make Cincinnati chili at least once a month! It's a nice change from my more mundane spaghetti and meat sauce quickie standby. :-)


Valerie, the order is spaghetti, chili, beans, onions, cheese.

Unless you order your 5-way inverted, in which case it's spaghetti, cheese, chili, beans, onions. Even my Minnesota-raised seven-year-old knows how to order his "five-way, inverted, dry" when we visit the grandparents. ("Dry" means that after they put on the chili, they put another plate on top and tilt it to let all the extra liquid run off.)

(And yes, the chili recipe is not Cincinnati style, even if our way of serving it is.)


LOL...thanks for setting me straight! I didn't think about how the items are piled on the spgaghetti, just how there are 3-4-and5-ways.

I haven't ordered a 5-way since my very first visit to Cincinnati to meet the prospective in-laws. Let's just say it wasn't a good choice and I made a strange first impression when DH and I got to their home. ;-)

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