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10 May 2008


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I have no idea what you could use to top the salmon loaf. I look forward to reading your conclusions, though.
My dh was reading over my shoulder just now and commented "we have that cookbook!" He's right. We love the mac-n-cheese and I've modified the cornbread to be GF to big raves...


Rainbow Crocker! LOL! Don't forget the grind-your-own PB recipe, which has you standing by the oven comparing peanut colorations every few minutes forever.

For the salmon loaf, maybe something sweet and citrusy, like a little lemon marmalade?


I was really hoping to attract commenter Christy to this bleg because I know she's got good taste sense. Although I am a bit worried she will suggest eating it with sauerkraut.

Christy P

It's the weekend - I'm not online all day like I am on weekdays!

Look to the east for salmon loaf toppings. I would lean towards something citrus-y with honey and possibly soy. I have made a dipping sauce with orange & lime juices + honey + soy sauce that would work fine for this. It needs some sugar for the carmelization. That sauce recipe was from Ming Tsai (Dayton native) who used to be on Food Network and has a fancy restaurant in Boston called Blue Ginger. If you google his name along with orange and honey you can probably find that specific one. Otherwise, here's a link for something similar using brown sugar from USA Today - I broke the link, savvy internet users know to take away the spaces around the colon...
http : // www.usaweekend.com/00_issues/000213/ 00213cooksmart.html

BTW - Z first ate kraut at about 14 months old. We mostly only eat it as a part of Reuben sandwiches - no Russian dressing here, we spread horseradish mustard on the bread before assembling the sandwiches - but I sometimes eat a forkful out of the jar.

Christy P

The cookbook _More With Less_ is also in the mode of Rainbow Crocker - make your own breakfast cereal and baking mix.

Christy P

Oh come on, mine can't be the last word on this!


You got my hopes up there'd be another idea here.

Here are the things I thought of besides your suggestion:

- hoisin sauce
- mango chutney
- pineapple-brown sugar-rice vinegar


What about teriyaki sauce?


Hm, I need something kinda thick and syrupy to keep it on top.

This week I bought stuff to make another salmon loaf, and some plum jam and hot mustard (thinking of a sweet-hot sauce I once had on shrimp). We'll see what I come up with.

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